Best Things to Explore in Dubai

As Dubai has become the centre of attraction for travelers worldwide since the early twentieth century, one really wants to know more about the best things to explore in Dubai.  Dubai is considered the most populous city in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). This enticing destination is situated in the eastern parts of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf’s coast. One can really be rejuvenated by exploring this charming architecture and spectacular topography. 

Every place has some magnificent and least talked about “ventures.” Let’s see what all hidden treasures Dubai hold for sightseers.

Best Things to Explore in Dubai

1. Perceive the consequential treasure – “AL BASTAKIA”

If one is really into unfolding some historical aspects of Dubai, then visiting Al Bastakia Quarter has to be a “must.” At present, it is all about skyscrapers and astonishing architecture, but it wasn’t the same earlier. Back then, the place also had soothing sights, tranquil environs, and worth captivating Dubai’s historical conventions.
The site simply depicts how life was before the country began to extend expeditiously. If one wishes to know more about people’s traditional lifestyle before the UAE was formed, then Al Bastakia is the pre-eminent destination. This place will definitely bring a quantum shift in your traverse.


2. Grace yourself with this thrilling aqua hike – “UNDERWATER AQUATIC ZOO”

This picturesque site is situated in the Panchmahal District of Gujarat, in North-western India. As a UNESCO world heritage site, this place is rich in heritage and history, thus providing a glance at several pre-historic sites. The spot captures rich archaeological history along with scenic landscapes and structures. You can explore various religious constructions and experience the surrounded natural beauty. In addition to this, the delectable savour that this place offers is worth visiting.

3. Feel the miracle with this vast assortment of flowers – “DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN”

The Navlakha temple is situated at the Ghumli village, in the Dwarka district of Gujarat. It was built in the early eleventh century by the Jethwa rulers.
It is a Hindu temple dedicated to the sun and is considered the oldest sun temple of Gujarat. Its unique architecture and strong history allure the visitants. The temple is built on an elevated platform, thus making it the most extensive temple base in the state. The place is suitable for ardent architecture admirers. As the surrounding is relatively calm, a visit to this place can significantly evade the hustling life.

Miracle garden

4. Experience the wonder with rip-roaring desert safari – “HUMMER DESERT SAFARI”

This prodigious location is set on the southern shore of the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat. It is the first national marine park in India that offers a diversified range of fauna. It includes corals, sponges, arthropods, molluscs, echinoderms, and many other coelenterates. Few of the endangered species can also be observed, including sea horses and sea turtles. It can be a great site to experience the varied marine species. One can easily hire boats and easily cherish this exquisite trip.

Hummer desert safari

5. Live the exquisite flickering beauty – “DUBAI FOUNTAIN SHOW”

Launched in 2009, this fountain show is the most talked-about artefact in Downtown Dubai. Nestled on the 30- acres of Burj Lake, the fountain is sought after synchronized choreography and pristine coordination of water, light and music.
The fountain starts performing the moment the show commences, and what makes it stand a class apart is, every show conducted here is distinguished in every aspect. In simpler words, it is nothing but just a magical experience altogether.


6. Adore the captivating view from the top. – “SUNSET FROM THE BURJ KHALIFA”

While opting for this, you can climb up to the gigantic tower in the world and enjoy a remarkable sunset and a panoramic view of the city. Its because of its unique and captivating structural built the place, Burj Khalifa is considered as one of the best places to explore in Dubai. 
This tallest building remains at a statue of 830 meters and has the two most elevated observation decks, which comprise several telescopes and provide an extraordinary experience to the visitants. One can witness the pre-eminent sight while relishing the sunset in the Middle East. While ascending on one of the world’s fastest elevators, one can get access to roam around 124th & 125th floor. One must include this in their bucket list to explore the unforgettable experiences in and around Dubai.

Sunset from Burj Khalifa

If you’re planning to visit Dubai, the above-mentioned places are a must-visit and it will surely be a value-added advantage for the budding excursionists.

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