Quarantine Rules in Goa

Are you planning to travel to Goa in 2021 and worried about quarantine rules? Here are some guidelines of quarantine rules in Goa that need to be followed before you plan your trip. The chief minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant, has allowed the tourists to visit Goa, but the state’s priority is to look at the safety of the residents and the travelers. Certain restrictions like wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing are still there. There is a proper regular sanitization of public places in Goa.

Quarantine rules in Goa

  • The ArogyaSetu App is a must for travelers, and it should confirm that you are safe.
  • Each traveler will undergo thermal screening.
  • It is necessary to have a covid-19 test while you enter the state. Rs 2000 is charged for RT-PCR test.
  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, you will have an RTPCR test and have to stay in isolation as per the guidelines.

Goa tour plan  

Are you looking for the best package for a Goa tour plan? Follow the Goa tour plan to avail the best package amidst the covid-19 period.

Tourism in Goa 

Tourism activity is generally promoted on the coastal areas of Goa. Goa is a destination choice for both Indian and Russian travelers.

Places to visit in Goa and Transportation available 

Goa is the perfect place for those who love to travel and explore small things. The state takes you to countless beaches, crystal blue water all around, and most importantly, the culture of this state fills you with delight. Some important places you must visit are Palolem Beach, Baga Beach, Panaji, and Goa Velha.  

Best Beaches in Goa

There are many modes of transportation available for tourists. You can choose the best which suits you for your comfortable journey. You can rent a bike that is quite reasonable and affordable, hire an auto-rickshaw, and take private cabs. During covid-19, you should follow the guidelines before taking the public transportation services. Avoid overcrowded ferry or any other public transport.

Things to do in Goa 

Amidst the pandemic, you can enjoy the lovely place with your friends and family at the beachside. The mild temperature of the state is best for those who love the winter and autumn season. You can do the following things: a water sport is a prime activity, café hopping, Goan food tour, night bazaars, jet-skiing, water scooter rides, parasailing, etc.

best things to do in goa

As a traveler, it’s your responsibility to check the safety guidelines while you experience Goa. The state is slowly unlocking, and the tourism industry is also open. The safety of the travelers is the main priority of the state. You can ask the concerned authority for the tourism rules and safety gear before you leave for Goa. The best thing about this place is there are so many resorts and hotels that offer some of the water sports activities in-house on a low budget.

Best time to visit Goa 

The mild temperature of the place usually attracts tourists. November to April is the best month to visit as the temperature varies between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. You can relax on the beaches during the daytime, and at night, the weather beside the sea is calm and moderate. 

Restrictions while traveling 

  • People traveling domestically to Goa need to undergo thermal screening before they enter the border.
  • During the thermal screening, if the temperature recorded is higher, you need to have a covid-19 RT-PCR test, the cost of which you will bear. If tested positive, you need to follow the protocols of the state and stay in isolation. If tested negative, you will be allowed to travel to your destination.
  • Wearing the mask, maintaining social distancing, and using sanitizer are mandatory in public places. If you prohibit these rules, you will be fined or penalized.

During the covid-19 period, our safety should be the priority. You must follow the guidelines issued by the state to have your journey more safe and happy. Explore the enchanting Goa amidst the pandemic by following the protocols such as follow the safety marks on the floor while you travel to a crowded place. People above 65 years of age and children below ten years are advised to avoid unnecessary travel. As we all are experiencing a tough phase, it is our high responsibility as a tourist to follow Quarantine Rules In Goa.

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