First Time Camping Ideas For Beginners

First Time Camping Ideas For Beginners

Spending a night under canvas is one of the beautiful experiences that you should not miss out on. Whether you want to enjoy camping with your friends, family, or even a solo adventure, it is a great experience that can’t be beaten. Everyone enjoys the freedom of sleeping out door and enjoying nature. People who haven’t done camping before might think it is a daunting experience.

first time camping ideas for beginners

First time camping ideas for beginners

If you are seeking a relaxing and peaceful thing to do, camping is the best option. You can enjoy all the outdoor activities and experience a lot of things. Would you please read my blog to know all the essentials things to keep in mind before you set camping for the first time?

Avoid pitching your tent under a tree: Do not pitch your tent under a tree. You might be attracted to the spot under the tree since it is private from the rest of the spots. Laying your tent under a tree might seem like inviting the rays of the sun that comes through the leaves. But avoid pitching your tent there since the sticky droplets of sap will make the packing of your tent a bit difficult.

Eat healthy food: You should avoid eating noodles and other junk food to stay healthy. It will be a good experience if you stay fit throughout your camping. You can carry some rice, grain into a freezer bag, some spice, tomato puree, and some curry paste. It is more satisfying to eat healthy food when you are away from your home. Plan your meal according to the number of people accompanying you. Remember to do your grocery shopping a day before departure so that your food remains fresh.

Buy a Tent that is Big Enough: When you plan your camp for the first time, you might be wrong at buying a tent. Choose a spacious and comfortable camp for yourself. Be an intelligent camper and buy a big camp. If you are two people, buy a camp for four and so on since the camps fit inside your car quickly, no need to worry about the size and weight of the tent.

Carry good clothes with you:

  1. Since there is no laundry facility available for you, carry enough clothes for yourself. You can pack your clothes according to the camp location and weather.
  2. If you are going during monsoon season, remember to carry a raincoat and carry jackets and sweaters if it’s winter season.
  3. Be an intelligent camper and carry the clothes accordingly.

Camp close to your home: If you are a first-time camper, avoid going far away from your home. Since everything is unpredictable, like the weather, you may also not find sleeping on the grass comfortable and maybe wanting to eat something good; you might want to go back to your home in all such situations. Hence you can plan your camp near your home to be safe when you fall into any of the above situations.

Avoid planning in Severe Weather: Camping is all about relaxing and comforting yourself from the daily routine. Always plan your camp according to the pleasant weather. Avoid camping in the monsoon season since, after the rain, the campsites are muddy and sticky and become difficult for you to enjoy. It becomes uncomfortable sitting back at the tent and watching the rain pouring down your tent. It is best to plan your camp in the moderate season.

The tips mentioned above are some of the things you must follow while planning your camp for the first time. If you follow the tips, you can easily have a good experience for the first time only. It will be great fun for you.

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